Chateau Chantilly

There are now, after my few months of European travelling, many things I have seen that I could honestly say took my breath away. Beautiful places have a tendency to do that to me – but the last chateau my Dad and I made a day-trip to visit was more magical than almost any so far. I’ll explain why Chantilly, a chateau on the very outskirts of what is defined as the Paris district, was so incredibly special for me.

First reason? Just look at it! IT’S A PRINCESS-Y DREAM! THE LAKE! THE TOWERS! THE TREES! The little huts in the front left are beehives, part of the chateau’s grounds. OH MAH GAWD.

Not only was this chateau an absolutely stunning work of architecture and garden landscaping, but for the first time in my life I saw a frozen winter wonderland on the morning of our visit. The leaves on the ground were covered with frost, the water of the lakes almost completely frozen over and the air misty, giving an ethereal glow to the morning sunshine.

LEAVES 1.jpg

It was just as the mountaintop visit on the Stanserhorn had been – an incredible novelty, combined with incredible beauty, that just blew my mind with the sheer awesomeness of it. Please visit Chantilly if you go to Paris. Please, do it for you. It is worth an earlier rise and the dedication of a full day, your time will not be wasted here!


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