Reflections of Red

It has been two days since my last post and I use our tendency to overdo it as my excuse for not posting – we walked around the city of Paris for two days straight and while incredibly worthwhile in terms of sightseeing, it left my Dad and I thoroughly spent!! To make up for it, have one of the brightest autumn palettes I have yet seen.

CHATEAU 12.jpg
Oranges, reds, blues, a castle….and all reflected in the water?? CHANTILLY YOU ARE TOO GORGEOUS!

Chantilly is, as I said in my previous post about the place, the most complete of the chateaus we visited with the most spectacularly ornate interior that housed a good few hundred works by some of the world’s finest painters. Need I say more? If you’re in Paris, even for only a week, you could easily skip out on a trip to a few Parisian museums and take a day here. It was full of wonders and as lovely as Versailles, if not more lovely in many ways, and had the bonus of being so quiet you could have the entire place to yourself for a good portion of your visit. Just go. You will not be disappointed with the place!


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