While the magnificence of many places has blown my mind on many occasions, there were also many instances where a very simple sight has given me great joy. Warwick Castle near Oxford, England was full of both the magnificent and the simple yet charming – it had been set up as if people were still living there, and many rooms contained the most lovely little details. Take this very unassuming little table set up in front of a window; an addition that gave the space a very lived-in feeling.

Just a jug sitting on a table, but the light was so soft and pretty that it turned the very simple set up into something beautiful – like a Vermeer painting waiting to be composed!

This entire castle was so wonderfully lit by soft natural light; it gave every room a glow that you simply cannot achieve with artificial light sources.

A perfect candidate for a black and white rendition – so, here it is. So, so pretty.

I adored Warwick Castle, so while the price for entry was not cheap, you get your money’s worth there!


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