Holly, Jolly

This year marks the very first year that I have not spent Christmas at home in Australia. Here is a picture of some holly I took in a Parisian garden as it is seasonally appropriate…


It is strange being in Europe during this time for two reasons: first, the season is totally opposite to my usual 30 degrees Celsius scorcher experience and secondly? My Dad and I spent the day not with close family but together, having lunch with good friends – it was still wonderful, as all time in good company will be, but it certainly made both my Dad and I miss home just that little bit more! Thankfully, the christmas decorations in the places we have visited have kept the mood on the jolly side, like these two interiors from Cheverny in the Loire Valley.

The rooms were set up very charmingly, with just the right amount of twee appeal.
I liked the unusual touch of the Lego dogs on the left – what a cute little room it was!

Merry Christmas everyone, I really hope your day was happy no matter who you spent it with – cheers to you all!


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