Goodbye City Lights!

It has been more than a week since I last posted here – I have since settled back into life in Perth, my hometown. That’s right, I have returned from the dreamy European adventure and gotten back into a (sort-of) regular routine! One thing that has really left me feeling a little disoriented though is the lack of hustle and bustle at home. The photo below was taken when the streets were relatively quiet, at least by Parisian standards…

faded lights.jpg
Every day the Paris streets would be busy with people rushing around, delivering things, getting to work, looking for somewhere to double-park…IT WAS CRAZYYYYYYY šŸ˜€

I loved Paris for so many reasons, but have discovered my country-bumpkin self prefers the incredibly slow-paced Perth life as a day-to-day experience. Having said that, I certainly plan more travel in the future and am excited to experience many more vibrant and interesting places. Now that I am back for the time being I can edit photos in earnest and start reminiscing on the whirlwind of a trip I was lucky enough to experience! Hope the new year brings plenty of joy and worthwhile growth in your lives šŸ™‚


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