Doorway to Adventure

I am very much into the green views I captured on my travels these past few days, I think because here in Perth it is the middle of summer, meaning any green grass is tinged with the brown of dehydration, and most trees are significantly less lush due to the heat! For example, this view from Oxford of the door that helped inspire Lewis Carroll’s famous tale “Alice in Wonderland” puts the lawns in my city to shame.


The closed door – so full of potential; irresistibly inviting you in. There were so many likewise inviting views my family and I spotted during our European trip, and we learned that especially in European cities, keeping your eye out for and then heading for that view you catch in the distance is the best way to discover something astounding. A whole-city map is your best friend; find one, bring it with you everywhere and you will never find yourself at a loss no matter how many unplanned turns you make. There is far too much history and beauty that goes entirely unrecognised by travellers simply because they don’t look closer at the map they hold in their hand! I know it may seem scary in a foreign setting, to take a leap into the unknown – but the times we followed a different path were the times we saw many of our favourite things ….just let the place take you away!



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