Not Changing Yet…

Autumn is a wonderful time of year; nature takes a wonderful turn towards a fiery palette, changing in what seems like the blink of an eye. These few stubborn leaves in a Parisian park were not so keen to move ahead though…

resist 2.jpg
Amongst a sea of gold, these green leaves refused to follow the crowd.

In nature, it is simply an ecological fluke when something such as this occurs – the cold hasn’t quite hit that spot yet or these leaves came out just a few days later than the others. But people? We do not do as leaves do, chillin’ on our branches as if there were no difference at all. We are conscious of such differences and any resistance of the perceived ‘norm’ – some things  even frighten us if they are too far away from what we consider familiar. I too have things I fear will change my life in ways  I may not initially warm to, and I see some differences in people that I have trouble understanding. However, I try to remember this – differences in opinion and the resulting changes are what help us grow and understand our own minds better, and without those things that stand out or challenge us, would we ever really discover ourselves?

via Daily Prompt: Resist


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