Sidewalk Collage

While walking in the rain in Paris in the wonderful Jardin des Plantes (click here for some details about the place), I stepped into a very puddle-y bit of the path. I know, I know, you’re thinking “so far, this is a pretty rubbish story” – but I swear there is a reason I am telling you about this mundane little memory. Looking down, the mud and leaves revealed a very striking palette of vibrant greens, reds, oranges…all combined with shiny water drops for added effect. It should have been a mess of gross sludge, but something in the particular placement of the leaves and the colours appealed to me.

footprint collage.jpg
A natural collage, you might say. Not the most beautiful collage ever, but a very textured and bright one….at least, I thought so!

May you all have a week wherein you find joy in the mundane – trying to find the wonders within each day can make even average things seem much more exciting! There’s my cheesy insight for today, have a good one all πŸ˜€


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