A little slice of Paradise

Sometimes in travel it is the little accidental experiences that provide an incredible memory – as it was with the absolutely wonderful night my fellow travellers and I spent in the little Tuscan province of Montecatini. While some of the other tour members went for a dinner at a pre-booked venue, my small crew decided to take the tour guide’s advice and catch the funicular up to the top of the mountain. The timing of our arrival at the peak was, completely by accident, absolutely perfect. I did not have my super-duper camera with me, but my phone did a pretty stellar job of capturing the bright sunlight!

Everything was bathed in this golden light – it was so beautiful we just stood there slack-jawed and watched the light shine. Thank god for phone panoramas, or I’d never have been able to prove to anyone how gorgeous it was.
And this one shows the mountains in the distance, as well as the adorable little red funicular we had to catch to the top. It was all polished wood inside and made for a charming ride to the top!

This is another place that I one day would adore to stay for a few days and explore the surrounding contryside. It encapsulated the Italian mood I’d been waiting to feel – we had been to Rome, and while it contains incredible ruins, if I had to stay anywhere in Italy the calm beauty of this place beats the city bustle any day.


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