Little Stems

Today marks the first day in a few weeks I have had time to myself to just edit holiday photos and relax at home…so I decided I wouldn’t do that and went out to my favourite National Park within driving distance: LESMURDIE FALLS! Here is but one of my attempts to use a tripod and change some camera settings for an intentional effect.

little stems 4.jpg
I liked the little buds popping up bravely higher than the rest – so tried to change the aperture to get just the right amount of focus there without obscuring the layers in the background completely. I was quite pleased with myself 😀

Yessss, I know, I haven’t posted in quite a while! More photos from my multitude of travel destinations will show themselves here soon enough – I’ve been keeping myself very busy on my return as part of a new year’s resolution to not waste all my time watching (way way WAAAAAY) too much television…my computer time was cut down because of it too, but I am now actually factoring in time to do editing as it is an important thing not to waste the umpteen photos I took the time to capture! See you on the flipside, all 😀


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