Hidden Majesty

Hello! It’s been a while. A loooong while – as always, my excuse is “Life is sooooo busy! GAAAAAAWD!”

Now, for today’s pictures – bask in the wonders of a famed landmark in Florence, the beauty of the Duomo or Florence Cathedral…

The wonder of the majority of the these immense structures we saw, particularly in the tightly woven streets of Florence, was that you wouldn’t have a clue they were there until you finally turn one corner and BOOM, THERE IT IS!

These buildings are always immense, and yet somehow remain completely obscured from view until the last moment. They pop up out of seemingly nowhere and blow the mind of tourists like myself! For an impression of the Duomo’s incredible height, here’s a second picture…

florence church 2.jpg
Look at those tiny people!! The outer stone tile-work was spectacular and much brighter than these pictures show; and due to the small size of the courtyard it was impossible with my lenses to get the entire structure into one shot. It was HUUUUUGE.

That’s just one bit of it too – it has a massive domed section as well as a high tower on the opposite end. The minds behind this structure certainly weren’t in the habit of taking any design shortcuts. If you’re historically inclined, click the names of these eminent Renaissance bosses for some factual fodder: the main man in this structure Fillipo Brunelleshci, as well as Giotto, Francesco Talenti, Andrea Pisono – to name only a few!


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