Sorcerer’s Stones?

Another travel picture from a sojourn in Oxford, England…

In the late afternoon, on the way back from Blenheim Palace, a mysterious site had been recommended to my family travelling troupe, hence we took a detour to find it. The stone circle in a town near Chipping Norton, Little Rollright, was a little tricky to find but thankfully a serendipitously placed ice-cream shop meant we could ask some locals where the heck these things were at, and of course sample their delicious dairy treats at the same time. So, to the Rollright Stones…

The eerie sight of a very clearly man-made setup in the middle of a random field was worth the trouble it took to find it; and the view across the fields was gorgeous!
So green. So circular. So very….mysterious!

Not so huge as Stonehenge, but a very cool thing to see. The myth surrounding them tells of a King’s band of Knights being turned to stone by a witch because their King couldn’t see far enough into the distance for the Witch’s liking (gosh Witchy, arbitrary much).  We didn’t see the “King” as the walk was too much for our weary selves, however I have my own theory for the circle’s existence….I am convinced generations of druids are still secretly using the circle for rituals, because that would be pretty awesome.  Yes, I’m a nerd.


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