NOTE: CHALLENGES ON TEMPORARY HIATUS – I’m off and away at the moment, but once I return may well begin again…watch this space!

Because I find it so hard to decide what I should post every day, I made these ‘daily ideas’ to focus my photo choice. If you want to participate, just click on the icons below to find out what each of the days of the week entail; then at the bottom of the post I’ll walk you through how you get involved…

Soooooo if you’re ready to have a go, head to the top menu bar (the three lines on the top right) and under “Introducing: Me and my setup” are links to all my daily theme posts so far. Just click the one you want to see and boom, you’re in like Flynn!

On Wildflower Wednesday, if you’d like to share your own photos, just leave a link to your post in the comments section for the post from the corresponding week (ie, the most recent one) and I’ll share your responses in the following week’s post! If you want to mention me in the challenge post, go right ahead, but I honestly just like to see everyone’s awesome contributions šŸ˜€ Happy blogging, chums!


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