DIY Adventures

Sometimes, I cut paper into cutesy shapes. Then I eat rainbow cake and dance with unicorns. I also make some stuff that’s not so sickeningly sweet – I swear!

Who doesn’t love a bit of inspiration? While this blog is more focussed on my hobby of photographing anything and everything…I do other stuff too – craft being a significant interest of mine. I find most of my initial crafty ideas online, and so thought “Heck, I want to give some back!”

You can find the various stencils, cards and other things I create on my PinterestΒ (not all of them, but the internet might explode if I posted everything I do). Also, on my InstagramΒ I post some things like little Β drawings and designs – just a bit of fun!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! if Pinterest is a bridge too far, here’s an express click to any DIY I do post on this blog.

Hooray for sharing!



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